Cumartesi, Temmuz 26, 2003


Türkçe meali (!) burada!
logo artwork by Johnny Thirteen

July 26-27, 2003 -- Wake up early and stay up late with the third annual Blogathon! Founded in 2001 by Portland, Oregon resident Cat Connor, Blogathon is a revolutionary internet charity drive where sponsors pledge money based on how long they think the participants can last in an all-day, all-night, website updating marathon.

With last year's event drawing over two hundred websites and more than $50,000 in donations, Blogathon keeps readers riveted with entries from its many writers, all of whom are raising money for their own individual charities. Entries range from the personal to the hilarious to the downright exhausted, with some people posting serialized novellas, telling a retrospective biography via photograph, or even streaming their own live radio broadcasts to garner attention and more sponsor dollars!

See for a guide to the action during the event. Please direct further inquiries to

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