Cuma, Şubat 14, 2003

Kim var orada?


Reality TV programmes like Big Brother have made audiences familiar with voting to influence drama. The 'Tele-Actor' brings this concept to the internet, where an online audience casts votes to control the actions of a wired human being. As each 'election' takes place, you can see the votes come in and change your own vote accordingly. In this way, the Tele-Actor explores issues related to voting, economics, peer pressure, group psychology, market behaviour, and how trends spread. 'How do people interact and co-operate in social settings? How does applause or laughter ripple across a theatre? How do riots start?' The next live event takes place on Tuesday 18 February at the opening of Id/Entity: Portraiture in the 21st Century, at San Francisco's Camerawork Gallery and, of course, online. Register now to make your vote count! - Helen Varley Jamieson...

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